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// vocals


Erica a.k.a. 'Kika' will smack you in the face with soul-filled vocals, and sing you sweetly to bed like a snuggly little baby. Not only does she have the Southern charm of the state from which she hails, but she's also a prized conversationalist - to all who dare...


// vocals, guitar


Jeremy graduated from the school of hard knocks. He's a 100% self-taught musician stuck in an era where guitar solos matter. Self described as the 'least talented' in the band - he'll still melt your face every now & then. 


// drums


Shane is a Berklee College of Music Alum. When he's not teaching or playing in countless bands around the PNW, he’s studying Epigenetics. His goal is to change your DNA through music - spoiler alert - he already has. Fun fact: He eats whole watermelons in a single sitting. This vegan is nuts!


// bass


Farko is a staple in the Seattle music scene. He has various music awards under his belt that he'll never tell you about. He plays from the soul with enough precision to steal yours. He often leaves listeners wondering - are we in a simulation? Answer: Yes.


// keys


Jon is the resident 'tickler of the ivories'. He can go from Jazz Cat to Capitan of the Space Odyssey in zero to 60 - but that's not all - he's also a filmmaker. Rumor has it he beat Tarantino in an arm wrestling contest one late night in the East Village.


// sax


Mike is a multi-instrumentalist savant. Sax, bass, name it - he plays it. He can grab a note out of thin air and tell you what it is, where it's been, and where it's going. He's the first known person to have successfully interrogated music.


// trombone


Liana has studied and taught music for longer than you can remember. She laughs in the face of 10,000 hrs. She's played in a plethora of notable Seattle bands, and is 1/3 of the infamous Panda Conspiracy Horns - but the real conspiracy is: does she think pineapple belongs on pizza?


// trumpet


Katie is a multifaceted human being. Despite the laundry list of talented bands she's played in, as well as being another 1/3 of the infamous Panda Conspiracy Horns, she holds another super power - Chemistry. There's reason to believe she's capable of creating LSD from scratch. The band is waiting.

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